Cloud Computing

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Overview why cloud?

Cloud symbol that we use for internet network and if it uses for internet network why does internet relate to cloud computing?

Because when we connect computers or any devices to internet network, we can use the service or resources that remote to satisfy the needs

Cloud computing is cloud that covers resources and services that comparable with internet networking that is connected to large amount of services and resources. So if we assume that cloud computing is cloud and whenever we connect computer to cloud. We can access and use many of resources that are connected to cloud. We can say that cloud covers the computer resource and users. And users can see cloud through services that make users to access the power of processes and resources under cloud or under the same sky that is internet.

Many people access to World Wide Web(WWW) for variety of services. And services begin to double more and more. As we can see Web 2.0 is the turning point for the cloud computing from Google Apps that integrated many applications service over a single point. All over the many services such as search engine, gmail, picasa, Google video, Google doc, Goolge calendar, youtube, google maps, google reader and blogger. And whenever these services and applications are work together as a single system, share resources and work with other users, it is made cloud computing at the end.

For all applications run on browser, and if we look at Google Apps, it is a very large system and heavy use but it can process in short time. Users don’t have to install any programs except the standard browser and Web 2.0. it makes the system manages many users and can scalability.

What is cloud computing?

The processing method that based on the needs of users. Users can identify the requirement to cloud computing system. Then software will ask the system to manage the resources and services that match users need. The system can increase and reduce the amount of resources and...