The Relationship Between Culture and Art

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Culture is a group of people who share the same language, religions and customs. Culture carries precise components, such as inherited ideas, beliefs, values, and knowledge which represent the shared basis of social action, also known as traditions that are carried out through generations.

Art is the creation of works of beauty, the products of man’s creative activities. Art can be seen and performed in different aspects. For instance, Visual art is a creation that can be looked at, such as drawing or a painting (Esaak, 2011). Music is an art form whose standard is sound. The art of designing and constructing buildings is known as architecture. Literature is known as a language art, it is expressed through writing and performing.

An artist is one that creates a work of art. They carry a few important roles. The artist creates a visual record of places, people, and events that surround them, recording the world’s culture and history. Another role of an artist is to provide visible form of ideas. The most important role of an artist is to provide communication. An artist challenges to convert their conscious and subconscious desires into concepts that work for the artist, but are convincing, attention-grabbing, and may tell as story that holds close to the hearts of the viewers.

As our behaviors, actions, traditions, and personalities shape culture, artists express and influence our culture. Artists are influenced by their surroundings and feelings, displaying what they make of the world. For instance, the Statue of Liberty was created to display a visual record of the freedom we share in America, an event that shaped the culture of our people