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Timetable of the major events:

1965: The built of the plant start in the Mount Vernon. The production of 28 vessels by B&W begin.

August 1966: First delays, 11 months. The suppliers weren't ready to bring raw materials.

1966-1967: A lots of problems appeared like various of temperature, earth quake (1 week), X-Ray machine (1 year)

Beginning of 1967: Customers express worries and B&W had to make an offer to calm them down

September 1967: A full year behind schedule because of various problems with automated machines.

1967: Due to very hard work and bad condition, workers at B&W are on strike (40 days)

14 May 1968: Customers knew the reality of the situation at the Mount Vernon plant. Just a few days after, Westinghouse want to take off vessels from B&W to another steel manufacturer Rotterdam Dockyard Co. B&W want to resist but the laws gave the entire possession of the vessels to the customers.

B&W lost by the same way 14 of the 21 vessels for GE and Westinghouse.

September 1968: Neilson let his place at the director of B&W to Ziff.

30 September 1968: After 1 million spend in a training program for farmers, only 514 of the 1060 beginners farmers stayed to work for B&W.

Less than one month later : Craven commit suicide because of the delays and the pressure at work.

The location of the plant in a town of just 6,200 inhabitants. So workers were really difficult to find and it was not a good labour team.

He had a wrong analysis on the future direction and the coordination of his company. He thought that he was easy to earn money in a few years and that he was really easy to built vessels. He didn't realize that the technical part of the construction had to be the heart of the project.

Neilson's lack of knowledge was an serious handicap because he didn't care about technical difficulties moreover he didn't understand it.