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Allmater Architectural Firm

3456 Riverpoint Blvd.

Salem, OR 89034

April 20, 2010

Cirius Mason, Manager

Microsoft Corporation

San Francisco, CA 94103

Subject: Permission to use Screenshots

Dear Mr. Mason,

On September 6, 2010, our office will be providing an Excel Workshop to our new employees. Our financial department processes data entry for the company’s financial expenses. Microsoft Excel is the program that is primarily used. All of our existing employees have received extensive training, some have been certified by your Corporation. We want to get all of our employees on board with this system so that they are able to perform their job efficiently and accurately.

On behalf of our Company, Allmatter Architectural Firm, I am asking for permission to use Excel screenshots in our training manual. The manual is geared to our company’s methods and procedures on using our database in Excel. The manual will guide our new employees on navigating and using Excel. It will cover accessing and using formulas, creating reports, and inserting charts and tables. To be able to instruct our new employees, we want to have visual aids in the form of screenshots. We feel that this will enhance their training experience and help them to understand the process better. Our financial department uses this program extensively, and we want to continue using it. We feel that in order for our new employees to have the same level of expertise and knowledge in Excel as our existing employees, they need a very thorough manual. Excel screenshots will enhance the quality and usefulness of our manual.

Please allow us to use the screenshots, they will only be used intra company, not to be shared or disclosed outside our offices. We have a very strict code of conduct, which prohibits any employee from sharing or copying our resources and manuals outside of the company. If we are allowed to use the screenshots from Excel that we need, we will add a footnote...

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