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Water is one of the most important things that our bodies need to survive throughout our lives.In this essay I would like to talk about dehydration and Why is water important to the body. In addition to I would like to also talk about how dehydration happens. I want to talk about how to prevent from becoming dehydrated. First I would like to talk about the assents of water

Water is something that can be brought or you can get it from home to drink. Without water our bodies become dehydrated. When a person gets dehydrated our body functions start to lose energy, which causes our bodies to slow down. Being that our bodies have 60% water in it you know it is important for people to have. Also, each organ in our bodies functions off of water and without water our organs will not function properly. Some symptoms of dehydration include thirst, headache, fatigue, dry eyes and mouth. When a person is dehydrated it makes it hard to deliver oxygen and transport nutrients to cells are compromised. In addition to, other symptom is difficulty concentrating, confusion, and disorientation which will happen if untreated. It is said that we should drink at less 8 glasses of water a day. We lose water through urine, sweating, and through evaporation through our skin and lungs

Water used for many things in the body. Water lubricates our eyes with tears and our mouths with saliva. Water helps keep the eyeball and other joins of the eye from going into shock. Also it also helps dissolve nutrients into the body and it also helps a fetus because a fetus lives in water during pregnancy. Water also travels in and out cells to dissolve chemicals. These cells have fluid called intracellular inside the cell and extracellular outside the cell. There are spaces in between cells and tissue; this fluid is referred to as interstitial fluid (Grosvenor and Smolin, 2006). Grosvenor and Smolin...