Business Analysis Part Ii

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Business Analysis Part II

Sammy Payne

Management 521


David Walker

Business Analysis Part II

In 1976, Apple computer created the personal computer otherwise known as the PC. Since that time, a transformation of the PC to a proprietary system (systems limiting the ability of applications to run using different operating systems) was done by IBM. Since that time, the PC has been dominated by systems running in collaboration with Windows and Intel. Apple insisted on remaining the odd duck in creating systems that continued to run solely on systems designed for Apple. Apple’s arrogance continued to smile in the face of its competitors and persisted to create new innovations that would come to transform them into the premier industry giant leaving vapor for others to emulate. Along this path to stardom, apple would have to endure three major changes of the PC, 1981 saw the proprietary system era of which faired very well. Apple’s strong developing skill was however victim to copycat syndrome as Apple failed to patent there developments. From 1981 to 1997, IBM transformed the PC from a proprietary system to an open source system. This allowed for hardware and software to be separated into separate developments. It was during this time Apple began to lose their market shares as they refused to conform, selling their systems as high priced proprietary systems, without the ability to use software developed to run via PC platforms. Apple also suffered by relying on the use of a CPU developed by Motorola that simply could not rival the development by Intel. Lastly, Apple focused its efforts on the education and printing industries while the PC increased its market to the business world. From 1997 to current, we fall to the internet PC. PCs no longer work independently; instead, they all talk to one another. During the early moments of the internet PC, Apple continued to offer technology that simply could not rival Intel. Apple, during these times would...