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When writing this essay, I HAD just finished a project financing the construction of Tianjin New Village. Funding sources include the Social Security Foundation funds and bank lending. Recently I was back here AT Northern International Trust Limited, to continue my intern-ship. This time I am no longer confused, and well aware that such a state-owned investment company is THE RIGHT placement right for me.

My father is a professor in finance. When I was a child, books THAT HAD BEEN written by him were often piled around the house, AND sometimes became my toys. Once in middle school, I solved a problem in school assignment using basic economic theories(.) My teacher asserted that I would become an economist. My family and friends thought I should carry on MY parent’s cause and become a professor, but I myself was totally confused about the future.

In order to find my career interest, I BECAME involved in several intern-ships. The first is Northern Trust summer intern-ship, where I assisted the project manager to carry out field surveyS on target companies and worked on investment feasibility analysis and on financing plans. This work WAS challenging, because we were exposed to a fully dynamic work environment, in which tiny changes in any factors may vary the situation. One must constantly learn and grow to adapt to the throbbING and pulsING market, or FIND ONESELF expelled. I enjoy such a life.

Later I worked FOR BOTH China Construction Bank and Standard Chartered Bank. A big difference between them is the attitude towards attracting deposits. Standard Chartered Bank encourages account managers by achievement excitation to attract deposits. The profits from the deposits completely cover interest expenses. However, CCB usually persuades depositors to purchase insurance on consignment, as the deposits amount has been too large to be effectively managed and to produce a profit. In the Ministry of Finance, P.R.China, Social Security Division, I learned that the...