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Recently it has been bought to my attention that there have been some concerns on our operating procedures and in our data with the usage of the chemical sonox. It has also been bought to my attention that the monthly reports to management from are labs are not including the high readings of this chemical. The levels of sonox that our mill has been releasing into the Cherokee River may be causing medical issues of the local residents and employees. There has been somewhat of an investigation on the chemical sonox but it is only in its first stage and needs to be investigated further to be proven. It has been recommended to me that we need to carry out an environmental audit of our operations as well.

This will be a big decision that I will make for the company as it affects some many people that are involved either directly or indirectly because it could mean a partial shutdown for a year and later on a full shutdown of the mill for another year. This is because if decided the company could incorporate the new technology to keep any more contamination of sonox from reoccurring again and make more of a profit from being able to sell its waste water to chemical companies. If nothing is done now, later on the mill could be shut down altogether if proven that this chemical is in fact company from are mill and causing medical issues of the local residents and employees.

I first will critically examine each and every single review of the stakeholder’s position and will form a course of action regarding the concern that has concerning sonox. I must address that whatever course of action I decided to take will be based only actual facts and will also be based in the best interest for the company.

First off I will examine the view point of the mills employees and their concerns. They are concerned of the possible layoffs or hours being cut because if this retrofit happens this will be a reality. This cannot be avoided if the retrofit does into effect. If the company is...