Decision Making Procedures

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Ethical Decision Making

Ethical decision making requires people to pause and try to think about what is truly right and what is wrong. As far as this specific situation concerns and the many different ethical views a person can have, it is easy to see why someone would be conflicted when it comes to making the right choices. Each person and circumstances have variations on how a situation can be addressed which allows for overlap in some cases. I feel that I am not particularly in just one specific category, most people are not. I believe it depends on the conditions at hand and what is involved when it comes to making a sound, wise, and ethical decision. In this paper I intend to analyze my personal code of ethics and use the text to examine which ethical standards should be utilized in organizational situations for each case study provided on values and corporate responsibility in communication. The two cases I have chosen to examine in matters of organizational communication and ethics are Case Study II and Case Study V. The main objectives are to understand that moral and ethical decisions must be made in order to maintain integrity in every given situation.

Why Develop a Code of Ethics?

Developing a personal code of ethics rather than an option is a necessity that every professional employee needs to satisfy. Organizations take care of this aspect in their prospects, and for professional executives, it is part of their growth needs. The most frequently considered determinant of the ethicality of one’s behavior is one’s degree or level of moral development and integrity (Andreoli & Lefkowitz, 2009). Integrity might make the difference when the moment of making moral decisions arrives.

Case II Evaluation

After analyzing the given situation, I found that I would present the scores to the managers. One of the reasons why I would present the scores to the managers is because I believe they have a right to know what type of evaluation they were given. Even...