Productivity Example

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Productivity Example

It is important for every manager to understand how to measure the productivity of the employees, the process of project management and breakeven. Currently Trinity General Hospital wants to improve the business processes, increase the staff productivity, and streamlined logistics of the food service. Trinity General Hospital has a total of 15 employees (six cashiers, four preps, three cooks and two supervisors), which work eight hours a day to serve an average of 1,400 meals a day.

Constraints when measuring productivity

There are many constraints when it comes to measuring productivity in this example. The first constraint is the amount of cashiers versus the amount of other employees (cooks, prep, and supervisors). There should be more cooks instead of the high amount of cashiers. Another constraint is the time that it takes to prepare every meal (there are different types of meals and therefore the preparation time would be different). Working under high stress levels is another constraint. According to Subbulaxmi Clearly not only the individual suffers but also the organization may also be affected by absenteeism, work-related accidents, turnover, and impaired decision making. Although is not a given fact in this example the stress can be due to a small space to work or too many employees. Poor communication and leadership can be another constraint that can jeopardize production.

Project management application

Project management is an important resource that every organization should consider using. According to Langabeer project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to abroad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project. Langabeer states that there are four key stages of project management. The stages are: Pre-project approval means to establish reasonable estimates of the benefits and returns of a project and ensure that the total costs do not exceed the...