Ethics and Discrimination

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Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

Mary Mitchell



Patrice Kikuyu

Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

The ethnic group, which I belong to, is the Native Cherokee Indian. Cherokee Indians are

the original natives of the United States of America. The group originally colonized along the

Appalachian Mountains. One of the most emotionally tragic stories in the United States History

was in regard to the treatment of the Cherokee Indians, known as the Trail of Tears. The Trail of

Tears occurred around 1830 when the Indians were forced to leave their homes to live on

reservations. During this journey, “inadequate food supplies, shelter, and clothing led to terrible

suffering, especially after frigid weather arrived. About 4,000 Cherokee died on the 116-day

journey, many because the escorting troops refused to slow or stop so that the ill and exhausted

could recover” (“Cherokee,” 2011, para. 10).The Indians were civil people who accepted

everyone who came to his or her land and were consider allies in war. Though, greed for profit of the land

overtook those who went against the Indians. In addition, the Indians were treated as savages,

uncivilized people. Though, the uncivilized people were those that broke treaties because they

wanted to take what was not theirs to take....