Virtue Ethics

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Scenario 1


If the mayor accepted the bid for the proposed development, he/she would not be taking into consideration what would happen to the senior citizens of the community but at the same time allowing the community to become financially stable. This is not an ethical decision because as a mayor of a town one of your main objectives is to make sure that nobody in the community is going without. The mayor could counter the proposal with having a portion of the development dedicated towards the 55+ community and have the nursing home at the far corner of it.


If the mayor decided not to accept the bid for the proposed development then the senior citizens and the employees of the community would still have everything that they currently have. I do not feel that this is the most ethical decision either. Even though the current community would still exist for a while, the mayor would not be fulfilling his/her duties to the best of his abilities. A solution to this problem could be that the mayor could add onto the developer’s original idea and have a new nursing home built so that the community could still accommodate the senior citizens of the town.

Virtue Ethics

The most ethical decision would be to build a new nursing home facility at a different location within the town limits and then accept the proposal for the new development. By doing this, the mayor would still be taking care of the community members and at the same time, he/she would be increasing revenue for the town to help with the economy to become stable again. By accepting the proposal and building a new nursing home, the town would be able to generate more income, which would boost the economy, and at the same time be able to keep the revenue that the town was already generating.

Scenario 2


It is not ethical for Catalina to say that she has made the last three sales so that all the employees would receive their bonuses, new...