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Final Assignment – Part 1

If I was the news director for a local news station and I had to decide on which story to make my lead story, the council’s decision to close city parks three days a week or the death of a celebrity, my chose would be the council’s motion to close city parks. The reason why this would be my lead story is because the closing of city parks would affect all of the local people who attend the parks with their children. This is something that would directly affect the community for an ongoing period of time, whereas, the celebrity’s death would have no ongoing affects as the story dies. As a news director, I would feel obligated to report those stories that would have a direct impact on the local community.

Every community depends on its local news station for up to the minute information that that helps to keep them informed of what going on around them, as well as keeping them safe. For the most part, these local news stations have specific and dedicated obligations to the communities that they serve. They are aware of the fact that these communities depend on them to keep them up to date with what is happening in their areas. With that being said, the community would be more interested in knowing what was being done to keep their community parks open, as oppose to the story about the celebrity's death. Of course, if that celebrity was one who was popular throughout the community then they would want to know the details of the death. I think that once the celebrity’s death has been announced, people should be directed to that news station’s website for further details on the story.

Thanks to technology and the many different ways to deliver the news, it is possible to have multiple leading news stories. Humans in the past did not have this capability. It used to be that newspapers were the main source for local and national news, but this changed over the last century. Nowadays, people can do much more than just read about a...