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NATURAL HONEY INDUSTRY Executive summary The purpose of this report is to analyses the natural honey industry in New Zealand. Specific objectives are to identify key influences, issues and trends in the New Zealand business environment for natural honey industry. The fundamental problems are related to the increasing demand and less research has been done on the medical effectiveness of Manuka honey. But recently carried out research and programme straighten the issues and make the business environment become attractive and favorable business. Introduction Due to the limited size of the report the analysis focuses mainly on the natural Manuka honey environment. The tool of analysis is adaptive perspective. Manuka honey is made only in New Zealand in by bees that feed on the Manuka bush, also known as the New Zealand tea tree. The Maoris have been using all parts of this plant for centuries to make teas, dressings, skin treatments and poultices – and they are also long-time users of its honey. Cooperative Programme A Primary Growth Partnership with Manuka Research Partnership (NZ) Ltd and Comvita that invests more than $1.7 million in research to cultivate high active Manuka plantations on back country land. A seven-year programme of innovation is planned to enable growth of the medicinal Manuka honey industry 16-fold. Its current estimated worth is $75 million. The research will particularly concentrate on the development of husbandry techniques to advocate the practice of Manuka plantation. Moreover, Massey University will provide the science to help grow the medicinal Manuka honey industry. The programme really exhibits New Zealand innovation at its best where strong business initiatives combine with research and the support from government to develop sustainable industry (Massey University, 2011). Sustainable development


Natural honey industry

Only a small proportion of the Manuka flowers produce active Manuka honey. In time of bad winter, supply can...

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