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Most of us afraid to showcase our talent because we don't have the courage to show it. We don't have the guts because we afraid to be “boo” or scream on a stage or anywhere. As I watched the music video and analyze the song. The meaning within this words inspire me so much. A boy who have a parents quarreling to each other burst his feeling to stop them, COURAGE!. A cancer patient were walking in the aisle of the hospital who likes to play outside with other children and because of her bravery eventhough its not good to his health, he go and played, COURAGE!. A fat girl teenager sitting in a bench watching her friends swimming in 2 piece have the courage to swim also. She is not afraid to be center of attraction not to amazed but to laughed of her. COURAGE!. A men walking in a cold, busy street attempted to be robbed by a 3 men show her magical talents. COURAGE!. And my favorite part of the music video when a gay sitting in a chair has the courage to walk to his crush and show how he loves him, he kiss him, COURAGE!. All of them ignite their lights who really they are. They want peace,love and happiness. Its just a matter of doing the so called “COURAGE”

Courage is what the song reflects to us. We must follow our heart to be happy. According the book I read of PAUL CHOE, COURAGE is one of the language of the world. To achieve courage we must have the so called “TRUST”. Trust to ourselves....