Total Quality Management

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The decline in customers can be attributed to a general decay in the restaurant’s quality, be it with regard to the foods, staff, or the general appearance of the restaurant. The restaurant has enjoyed a fruitful four years since it opened and has only dropped in standards of late. We know it has the potential to succeed, therefore these problems need to be addressed so as to once again obtain those previous levels of quality. Discussed here are possible solutions to the problems at hand, and ways in which to better the business, maximizing profits. A detailed Total Quality Management System as well as marketing and research and development advice is provided to help combat the company’s recent drop.

The quality issues facing this restaurant can be addressed by the implementation of a Total Quality Management (TQM) programme. A TQM is used to perfect a process, to gradually improve efficiency and effectiveness. A successful business demands quality. If this restaurant offered higher quality food for the same price as a neighbouring restaurant, the food quality would be a factor influencing customers’ choices as to where to dine. After a while a larger client base will be established and the restaurant will have earned a reputation as a high quality restaurant. Prices can then be increased and customers will appreciate that they are paying for superior food. These standards need to be maintained. This all leads to an increase in profits, and a successful business. It is however important that a good reputation needs to be recognized before prices increase, otherwise customers will be chased away. TQM strives to improve conditions continuously. It not only improves results now, but more importantly leads to bettering capabilities to improve results in the future. The steps in the TQM programme are as follows:

• Build organizational commitment to quality- The TQM programme needs to be welcomed by all in order to reap all the potential rewards. Hennie Vorster...