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2006 RealFoundations/ JPM Real Estate Technology Survey

Go online to read Raising the Bar—RealFoundations founder David Stanford's thought-provoking article, challenging the real estate technology industry to be innovative and advance to the next level in solutions. Check it out at




2006 JPM Guide

Enterprise Solutions

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1. Help

Custom application development

Demo data provided

Online help

On-site systems administration

On-site training

Screen customization tools

User-defined help

2. Security

Audit trail by user/data/time stamp

Company level

Field level

Menu level

Property level

User/data/time stamp

3. Data Sharing

ASP/Hosted application model

File export

File import

Web-based operating environment

4. General Ledger: Overall

Data transfer from subsystems in detail or summary

Designate accounts inactive or non-posting

Funds from operations calculation (FFO)

Interface to third-party applications

Maintain multiple chart of accounts

Mass account number maintenance


Online inquiry with drill down

Retain unlimited historical information

Supports multiple entities

Track cash and accrual transactions per property

Tracking of statistical information

Transaction import/export

Transaction posting restrictions

User-defined coding...