Jones Blair

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Strategic Marketing

Jones Blair

Discussion Guidelines

1. Perform a SWOT analysis of Jones Blair’s situation. Present two conclusions from this analysis that you would most want management to take into account when assessing Jones Blair’s options. Be as specific as possible. Prioritize!


Premium products and quality particularly strong with professionals

Products customized for their current market’s climate

Been able to pass price and keep up with increase cost


Higher cost structure

Inability to increase distribution in current markets (Especially in the big box stores)

Expansion abilities are hinder by specialty product


Increase in market size (DIY)

Expand to other regions


Consumer is price sensitive

Increase competition from national manufacturers & big box

Increase # of in store competitors

Low cost manufacturers targeting professionals


Their high quality products and reputation with professionals can be leverage to expand to other territories.


Their strong performance with professionals is being challenge by the low cost manufacturers targeting professionals.


Their higher cost structures is a problem in a market were the consumer is price sensitive.


Their inability on increase distribution in their current markets hinders their ability to increase their market size.

2. Jones Blair competes in four market segments. These are portrayed below. Given the results of your SWOT analysis and other available information. Which of these segments is the worst fit with Jones Blair? Why?

Segments in Service Area

| |Consumer (DYI) |Professional |

|Urban (DFW) |5.4% or $1.8M / 33.6M |29.2% or $4.2M / $14.4M...