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Michelle Kuy

English 1301-2004

Professor Venza

5 October 2010

The Life of a Paralegal

Growing up, all these good paying jobs were thrown at me in an instant. First, a doctor, then lawyer, but finally I realized what I wanted to do to make me happy. I knew my parents were going to support me in everything I do. Whether I wanted to be a doctor, lawyer, or a teacher I would always have a support system by my side.

My interest began to develop once I started to watch the people’s court and all those other interesting judge shows. I know watching a TV show isn’t a good reason to select a life career choice, and that’s why I did research. As I was typing paralegal studies into Google, so many things were racing through my head. Did I finally find a major I would be interested in? Before I wanted to set my major straight, I found out through long Facebook conversations that my cousin was a paralegal. She told me I could come anytime into her office and shadow her for a day. I was ecstatic to ask questions about being a paralegal and how she made it through her journey of hardships.

The next weekend, I had a chance to go see what her everyday life looked like. She told me after getting her degree in paralegal studies it was fairly easy to find a job that paid her well. In a matter of weeks after getting a degree she was put into her own office with a beautiful view. I walked inside her office with my mouth wide open because of how well everybody treated her there. I was so anxious to see what she went through. First thing she told me was that getting her degree in paralegal studies was rough. She set aside a lot of her time to read and do research. She also told me working with a lawyer makes you nervous, but once you get the hang of how everything works, each day gets easier. Her computer is her hero, and without it, research would be so hard. She researches legal questions and reads through legal documents to help the lawyer she is assisting to be...