Club It Part 2

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Ruben Keys and Lisa Tejada opened a new club that caters to those who like live music, hip hop, techno, electronic, and Top 40 music. I have been asked to observe the information technology systems and see where I may make recommendation that assist in making their business more successful. The question I asked myself is where information technology best would be used in a night club setting. I came up with various ideas, one is to incorporate the music and light system so that the show would appear more professional; two is to incorporate the management system for payroll, billing, credit card access, stock, and ordering of supplies; three is to market the club using a high speed wed page and other media that will set Club IT apart from the competition.

The first thing I look for when I walk into a night club is the setting. When a club uses live music on some nights and a DJ on other, how is the overall show going to appear. Any club can just play music, but the best seem to have a light show that reacts to the music. If it is Jazz or some other type of relaxing music, the lights should set a more comfort type of setting, one that would make the customers happy and talkative in their small groups. On the nights that the music is more lively, they should want to dance and move to the rhythm of the music and lights. One source would be DJ Depot; they can provide everything needed for lighting, DJ setup, and speakers that would integrate it into one classy show. Atmosphere is everything in a night club, setting that atmosphere would be my first task.

The second task I would accomplish would be to incorporate the management system. There are numerous software systems available for the information technology user. One is a transaction processing system. This system allows the user to collect all the business transactions done each night and stores that information for easy access. Ruben and Lisa would be able to access that night’s business and then...