Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great

Last year there were many important men and woman we learned about. They all impacted the world in either a good way or a bad one. Someone who did a little of both was Alexander the great. He used his power to expand his empire.

Alexander was a very young king. He inherited the throne when he was 20 because his father was assassinated. His tutor when he was younger was the famous philosopher Aristotle. When given the throne he made sure he eliminated all other possible heirs because to him they were threats. He wanted to surpass his father and conquer Persia. He sounded like a tyrant but he was not. He cared for his soldiers and people. He managed to conquer Persia and kill their king, Darius III. He then took over Asia Minor and south of Egypt. He would continue to triumph over what is now known as the Middle East and India but he had to return to his capital due to fatigue of his soldiers.

He remained undefeated in war for eleven years but this was not his major accomplishment. Alexander introduced the world to Greek culture and Persian culture. He created cultural diffusion throughout his kingdom which became to be known as the Hellenistic era. He married King Darius’ daughter and he liked great culture so he showed Greek painting, music, architecture, and sculptures throughout his kingdom. Because of him Greek culture was spread around Europe and other parts for over 200 years. Eventually Alexander the Great died of what is yet not known. It is said he might of died because of malaria, fever, or poisoning. He died at the age of 30.

Alexander was a great conquer without having to be entirely cruel. His two major accomplishments were creating the Hellenistic age and being undefeated in war for 11 years. Many general and military officials try to learn his military strategies. He is an...