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Service Request SR-rm-012


May 18, 2011

Michele Wynter

Riordan Corporation is a Fortune 1000 enterprise and a leader in plastic manufacturing of injection molding and has been in business for nearly 20 years. This company was founded in 1991 by Dr. Riordan, who is a professor of chemistry. Dr. Riordan has many patents, ranging from plastic containers for beverages to plastic auto parts.

Employing roughly 550 employees, Riordan brings in roughly $46 million in revenue. Although the corporate office is in San Jose, California, Riordan has two United States based operations branches in Albany, Georgia and Pontiac, Michigan. A global outfit is operational in Hangzhou, China. Service Request SR-rm-012 will be utilized to identify shortfalls within the different business systems and their subsystems.

Overview of Critical Business Systems

Currently the corporate headquarters in San Jose runs on a Windows and a UNIX server. Compatibility issues in the Information Technology (IT) business system plague Riordan with costly labor intensive temporary solutions. This is an example of a change that has to occur to place both systems in synchronous harmony with other systems business wide. According to the Information Technology (IT) chart, a complete system upgrade needs to be implemented at every location to meet the demands of the changing information system.

The first business system that needs evaluating is the Information System (IS). Audits have discovered the Riordan Corporation has a lot of different computers systems from UNIX, Windows, MAC, and LINUX that can cause confusion between employees and the loss of data because of the different lines of code not being uniform. According to the Finance and Accounting (F & A) department the operational costs of licensing can be a cumbersome chore to track and account. Currently, the computers in the Riordan Corporation can access all local vendors because operating systems are set up...