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Term: Summer B 2011

Course Number: ECO 3411

Course Title: Business and Economic Statistics

Instructor: Prof. Harriet Stranahan

Office: 42/3115

Office Hours: M-TH 4:10-4:40 and by Appt.



STA 2023 Introductory Statistics or equivalent.

Catalog Description

Statistical techniques developed through the use of business and economic problems. Time-series and index number analysis, simple and multiple regression and correlation, analysis of variance, and quality control. This course should be taken as early as possible in the student's upper level curriculum.

Recommended Textbook

Statistics for Management and Economics 9th Edition by Gerald Keller

Required Materials

Student Version of Minitab Version 14 or higher from e-academy. Go to the website and download a 6 month student version.

Student Version of Minitab can also be accessed in the COBA Skills Lab, and Computer Lab Bldg 15.

Regular access to the Internet.

Course Objectives and Overview

The student will be introduced to a variety of statistical techniques which are useful for solving problems in the context of business and economics. By course end, the student should be familiar with how and why statistical analysis is utilized for decision making, be able to use the statistical software for data analysis and hypothesis testing, and be able to prepare statistical reports which communicate the results and implications of the statistical tests.

Considerable emphasis is placed on how to properly implement each statistical test and what can be learned from each test. There is less emphasis on how each test statistic is derived or the theoretical basis for the test statistics. The computer is utilized intensively for statistical analysis in this class. The student will become very familiar with the statistical software and its application for statistical problem solving.

The majority of classes will...