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Michael AL-Musa


1. Weaknesses can also be opportunities that we can capitalize on and gain from if analyzed and done the right way.

2. Apples to apples and oranges to oranges is the best and safest way to compare as mentioned in identifying strategic actions.

3. It is interesting how the SWOT analysis has many drawbacks in comparison to TOWS.

4. Relevance trees are used all over, but I think sometimes it gets way too complicated. The simpler the better.

5. Besides the well-managed discussion for the success with morphology, finding the most effective route which the attractive technological novelty can be reached is essential.

6. Once on denies the truth of accepted ideas and build on the results, possibilities are endless. But is that easy to do when the source is you boss?

7. is one of my goto sites that I utilize for everything I need. It is a great example of on stop shop!

8. I like the rule of “ Make everything available”. It is true that we have to almost abide by that rule but we also need to be smart implementing it; we don’t need to stock everything on physical shelves, but do we have access to it when need be?

9. Cut the price in half and then lower it? I don’t think this a sound plan to achieve the profits that we want unless we rely on mass volume sales!!

10. “Offering only hits is no better”. That is a true statement. As an example, It takes myself and my wife a good hour to decide on which movie to watch and we don’t always watch a hit per say….

11. Steve Jobs speech. At some point we all find ourselves at a crossroad where we think it’s a dead end….