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Instructions: Describe your proposed independent study topic in spaces below.

1. State the title of your proposed study (no more than 15 words).

Facebook Accounts / Pages as New platform of online fashion stores for small entrepreneurs

2. Describe your proposed study (no more than 150 words). Identify which of the five proposal types (pages 3-4 of the course outline) you intend as your IS focus. Provide two or three objectives for your proposed study. Indicate why your study is important and how results will represent new knowledge useful to your intended target audience. As with all submitted work for MK. 702, your description should demonstrate capable writing skills in English.

My proposed study is to yield insights into an applied topic in marketing about shopping and selling fashion products (clothes and accessories) on Facebook, by using Facebook accounts or pages. The objective of my study is to

1) To study Facebook shoppers and their shopping behaviors 2) To study advantages and drawbacks of selling on Facebook, compared to other platforms, such as ready-to-use online store package 3) To define key factors of becoming successful sellers using Facebook

As I use Facebook and I love to shop fashion products, I witness more and more small Thai entrepreneurs turn to start their fashion product stores on Facebook, as it is a low-cost platform and user-friendly. However, it still has some limitations. Therefore, I expect that my study would be beneficial for those who would like to start small businesses selling fashion products on Facebook.