Police Ethics

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Gilbert Fox

Police Ethics



No, I could not defend Sully at this point from a purely moral/ethical standpoint.

The relevant facts are, Sully and Ty identified a wanted person on the street. They gave chase and pursued the suspect into an apartment building and then into an apartment. They did now know whose apartment it was. As sully and Ty approached the apartment, they were fired upon by a person. They could not identify the suspect that was shooting at them. Once Sully and Ty made entrance to the apartment, they found it occupied by two persons, one being the suspect they had originally pursued. They arrested their original suspect for shooting at them, even though they could not positively identify him as the shooter. Sully lies to his commander, the detectives and the prosecutor that he can prove the shooter and expects Ty to have his back.

This is a perfect example of noble cause, when a P.O is putting away career criminals for long time by lying in court.

Sully conduct was very ethical and understandable, but it was illegal because he lied to his commander and the prosecutor. Lying to put someone in jail can cost the department a lot of money.

The long term effect in this case can end with the officer losing his job.

I would not lie about the situation, I would tell the prosecutor what really happen at the scene. My partner and I would have to come to an agreement so that we both will tell the same story.