Reflections Assignment

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Reflections Assignment

1) Drowning in Law:

I do agree that there is a problem with all the laws we have in today’s society. Some states have the most bogus laws such as you may not have an ice cream cone in your back pocket at any time, Dominoes may not be played on Sunday, and it is illegal to wear a fake moustache that causes laughter in church. Who comes up with these laws, why are they laws? As the article states “law is supposed to be a framework for human judgment in a free society. Instead law has replaced freedom. Rules are so detailed that people can’t act sensibly” I agree with the solution to hold everyone accountable for their actions because the worse the government fails, the more people distrust them. I also agree with the solution when it says “allow officials flexibility in exchange for individual accountability if they abuse their authority”. Who is taking responsibility for the situation the US is in about paying the debt we owe or who is taking responsibility about the whole social security issue. Money gets taken out of my checks every month for social security when by the time I am able to retire, social security probably will not be around. I chose this particular topic because it really bugs me the fact that all US taxpayers are paying for someone’s mistake. Someone somewhere, or group of people, made a bad decision which is costing everyone else, no one is being held accountable for their actions.

2) Four ways to fix a broken legal system (Philip K. Howard Video):

I do agree that there is a problem that people don’t feel free anymore, like as the video stated people are refrained from asking certain questions during an interview, doctors don’t want to speak up about dosages if they are not sure because they don’t want to face legal consequences, that people have to think about everything before they speak because everyone sues for every little thing they can think of. Lawsuits have gotten so out of hand that companies really have...