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Decision Making Based on Mission and Vision of an Organization

My Hanh Thi Le

MHA 601

Dr. Michelle Clemons

September 4, 2011.

Mission and vision are very important issue for an organization. Mission illustrate how vision explains what. These "what" and "how" are completely depend on communication among the staff of the organization and communication method. Effective decision -making is major component in managing an organization, resources, and staff members. The management or the president makes important decision daily that effect the operation, quality, and success of their organization. Instituting evidence informed decision-making is a growing concept among health care organizations, but managers face several challenges including time pressures and lack of resources help managers make strategically important decisions as well as develop and improve their decision-making skills. Diversity in organization affects values, behaviors, decision-making and culture in general. Teams make decisions in different ways and it can be assets or liabilities to the organization. The case of " the president of communication Medical Center (CMC) was having a meeting with the chief of surgery concerning an operating room nurse who many thought have HIV/AIDs" (Johnson, 2009, P.230). Decision-making means making choices, and these choices, made at each step in the decision-making process have a moral dimension that might easily be overlooked. To effectively the best resource in the following case study, the president of Community Medical Center should describes the best decision to make the models will be most effective in what surgeon to improve or eliminate and how to communicate all the decisions to the surgeons, medical center employee, government board and the public place.

There are many management problems in healthcare. There are management problem s in every organization, but health care sometime have the biggest management problems of them all,...