Hcs 235 Week 2 Dq

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Week Two Discussion Questions

What is the role of voluntary disease based organizations (Alzheimer’s, Lung, and so forth)?

There are several charitable disease-based institutions, like the Alzheimer’s Association, the American Public Health Association, etc. The function of every institution is to give assistance, attention, communication and instruction on the specific illnesses they stand for to the community and the health care professionals who attend to the specific patients. Institutions provide communication to family and friends. The institution’s Staff receive, studying and give information on how to treat and get rid of illness. Which in turn allows the patient to live a more manageable life.

Explain the role of state or federal government in the delivery of health care services.

The role of the federal government in the delivery of health care services is in the financial , organization, overseeing,etc. They find ways of lowering the rate of growth in Medicare spending and advance-care planning for serious illness. Also they created a new policy for Health Affairs.


What are the reasons for so many new emerging types of health care workers?

Some of the reasons for so many emerging types of health care workers include not enough health care, poor quality of health care, facilities closing, and over overworked employees,etc. Also the amount of people are increasing but there isn’t a good patient to care provider ratio. If we could put into action more prevention programs I think health care could change.

Discuss the role of alternative health care workers.

The role of alternative health care workers entail people like nurses aids and nurse techs.