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Professional knowledge and abilities are crucial elements of one’s career, regardless of their career choice. The knowledge aspect of any individual’s career is imperative, one must research the facts and figures related to his or her respective field. As far as abilities, he or she must be able to take the information and relate it to the specific field he or she has chosen. These factors must correspond and work in conjunction with each other for an indivual to have a productive and successful career. The utilization of knowledge and ability of one’s field can define whether an individual has a successful or unsuccessful career. Many successful people, such as Donald Trump have used research and the application of the knowledge to further and advance successfully in their careers.

I am working toward a degree in criminal justice, which is why I chose the American Society of Criminology to display an organization that maintains vast amounts of knowledge as well as different aspects of the criminal justice field. The American Society of Criminology is an international organization whose members pursue diverse avenues to understand, control, and prevent crime. The society achieves this by utilizing systematic, scholarly, logical, scientific, and professional knowledge regarding the cause, prevention penalties of criminal acts. The intent of this Society is to encourage the exchange information at conferences and workshops within groups of subject matter experts, professionals which are engaged in research, teaching, and practice, and to serve as an assembly for the distribution of criminological data and facts. The members include academicians from the countless fields of criminal justice and criminology, students, and practitioners. The Society has experts who have specialized in divisions such as International Criminology, Woman and Crime, Experimental Criminology, Corrections and Sentencing, Critical Criminology, International Criminology, and People...