The Benefits of Employee Motivation

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The Benefits of Employee Motivation

Employee motivation has a few very positive benefits. It is a commonly accepted fact that companies with motivated employees have fewer turnovers and exceed competitors in profits. As employee motivation rises, the general productivity of employees also rises (Silverstein, 2007). It is important to constantly maintain employee motivation. Studies have shown in over eighty percent of companies, motivation severely declines after the first six months and continues declining from there (Silverstein, 2007). The company should utilize employee motivation more often because it can be a great, low cost tool to increase employee production and loyalty, thereby increasing the company's bottom line.

Many times when the term employee motivation is mentioned, thoughts go in a monetary direction. Many companies do not even want to consider spending any more money than is absolute necessary on their employees, discounting the old adage of “you have to spend money to make money.” Then, some companies believe that by providing a paycheck they are providing all the motivation an employee should need to work their hardest. Still other companies believe they cannot afford to motivate employees because raises and bonuses start to cost the company too much of their profits. However, there are ways to motivate employees with little to no cost to the company. Simple verbal recognition is one no-cost method of employee motivation that nearly always delivers excellent results with all employees.

Verbal recognition is overlooked far too often as a method of motivation. When surveyed about fifty percent of employees claim they receive little to no credit on the job, and around sixty-eight percent claim management criticizes problems and employee shortcomings more than praising good work (Silverstein, 2007). Employees at any company want to know their employers value the work that they put into their jobs. Verbal recognition is the most effective...