Engro Foods Annual Report

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Yesterday, Engro - abbreviated from ≈Energy for GrowthΔ - was a fertilizer brand of Exxon Chemical Pakistan Limited. Today, Engro is a vibrant growing enterprise fueling wheels of Pakistan»s growth in diverse sectors. Tomorrow, Engro shall continue passionate pursuit of new frontiers of growth.



To be the premier Pakistani enterprise with a global reach, passionately pursuing value creation for all stakeholders.


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Energy for Growth

2008 was another record breaking year; we delivered our strongest results to date with profits after tax of Rs 4,240 million. Despite a year of international economic upheaval our growth remained steady, with all our expansion projects on track. Safety remained of prime importance in our base operations as well as expansion initiatives.

Urea expansion project continues to achieve its set milestones. The project is expected to start commercial projection by July 2010. Engro Polymer's back integration project remains on track for completion in first half of 2009. Meanwhile, capacity...