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Mathematics is one of the major subjects that recognizes as the economy of information. It is essential in almost every field. Knowledge on Mathematics is important in handling money, business and economics. Measurements are also useful in fashion, construction, cooking and medicine. Photography and sports like bowling, basketball and billiards apply the ideas of angles. It is also of big help in our technology. Its central idea is to discover how knowing some things well, via reasoning, problem solving, estimating, representations, connections and communications. Consequently, a good performance in the subject is important.

These are some of the reasons why there is a widespread interest in improving the levels of mathematics performance in schools. These lead to focus on identifying the range of factors that shape and affect performance as well as to handle and understand how these operate to limit and enhance performance of different pupils.

Demeanour and Performance refer to the ability to perform or a capacity to achieve a desired result. Good performance of pupils is about keeping actively involved in all the lessons especially during mathematics instruction, resulting to understanding different ways to a solution and achieve higher scores in mathematics tests. However, it is difficult to keep the students actively involve if there are certain factors that affect their learning. Even though the teachers do their best to spark students interest and increase their motivation to learn, still there are incidents that learning doesn’t grip by a student. Typically, teachers continue to decry the poor performance in mathematics of pupils particularly in the elementary level. Northville IV Elementary School, as one of the elementary schools in Marilao and a school product by the influx of migrants, achieved low performance in academic. Teachers in this school notice the performance of the pupils in class particularly in mathematics. Although,...