Ethical Dilemma

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Assignment 1

In the past, I worked at a sporting goods store selling footwear. Within this store, your productivity would be constantly reviewed. Also, many times throughout the year, there would be certain promotions involving our products. Many of the promotions, involved financial reward for selling a specific shoe.

This specific case involved a newer shoe that was released by a respectable, well-known brand. Although the brand was normally reliable, we received numerous complaints about the quality and durability of this shoe. If we finished in the top 50 in sales of this specific shoe for the month of October, we would receive a significant reward from the shoe company. I was faced with the ethical dilemma of promoting and selling a shoe that I knew was of poorer quality to vulnerable customers for a chance at a financial reward.

I decided to promote the shoe and try for the reward. However I would not lie to the customer to try and make the sale. I would simply recommend the shoe accompanied with other options. If the customer questioned me more, I would tell the truth about the shoe. I placed the onus on the customer this way because they have the final choice in choosing their shoe.

In this case, I believe I followed the ‘Character Ethics’ ethical framework. I didn’t disregard my virtues in the pursuit of financial reward. I consider myself to be an honest person – and an honest person does not lie.

For the most part, I believe my actions would pass the three tests for rationalization. Many of my co-workers/friends knew my actions and they were not bothered by them (publicity test). If I were in the customers’ shoes, I would find my actions reasonable. They made the final decision and I was willing to give all the information they needed (reversibility test). If I acted the same way in other situations, I think it would still be acceptable (generalizability test).

After reading the course material, I still wouldn’t have...