Team Building

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What Works for Human Resources

Know team building basics for a successful start.

Understanding the basics of team building increases your ability to succeed. Team building involves a few basic structures for a firm foundation, and, as you progress, many details become apparent. It is important to understand the structure within a team to begin building an effective team.

Corporate team building and business team building are similar in the confines of team building basics. The basic structure of a team includes a goal, a leader, a group, assessment, feedback and adjustment. Team development is a critical beginning in the process, so consider the following:

1. Define the goal for team building.

2. Find leaders who support team building.

3. Find employees who complement each other in a team.

4. Ensure members and the leader seek constructive assessment and feedback.

Action Steps

The best contacts and resources to help you get it done

Choose a goal and leader to start team building

Have a clear, well-defined goal, and a leader who can clearly communicate this goal to the team. A goal of mutual interest within the team enhances the effectiveness due to desire for personal and group success. A team leader who involves individuals in their area of strength is leading for group success.

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Build trust and positive interactions with team building activities

Trust and healthy interactions are a necessity when working with teams. These two components foster complementary relationships, utilize everyone's strengths, and meet goals as one cohesive unit. To develop trust and healthy interactions among your team, consider a corporate team building program, team building activities, and/or a team building workshop.