Swiss Cheese Anyone

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Swiss Cheese Anyone?

If someone was to ask you, “Hey, man you want a piece of Swiss

cheese?” What would your answer be? There are many people

who can not answer that question after using drugs from peers, because

their brain, due to drugs and drinking, resemble a piece of Swiss cheese.

Many cannot speak, function, or pursue their long life dream due to the

awful influence of what they thought would be fun. Peer pressure plays

a large role in this. Your friend wants to have a good time, a boyfriend

has other intentions of a good time, and your life dream can change in a

minute due to drugs. It all begins simple, then ends in disaster, with a

brain that does not function and looks like a piece of Swiss cheese.

“Oh, try this,” he says,” it will not hurt you!” “You will feel good all

over.” So, you give in. Closely you stand as close to the school wall as

you can, not to let anyone behind you… you are scared. Your thinking

is distorted, you are paranoid that others know that you are loaded to the

gills. You stumble, you fall, you are out. You wake up in the hospital,

tubes and lines going everywhere, but only for a split second, to

recognize your little brother. You cannot speak, reach out for him.

or tell him “Hey, champ.” That is the last thing you remember. That is

just one of the many scenes that you see after a “good time”. What about

function of your body that you have always had control of?

Well, it is nearly time for your date to arrive. You anxiously wait.

He is so cute, plays football, smart and every girl in school is jealous of

you. He arrives and comes to the door, you kiss your family bye and tell

them that you love them, not knowing that this is the last time they will

see you at home. He is nice, he opens the door and you two drive off.