Trophy Project Case Study

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The Trophy Project

1) Explain your perception of what Reichert did in his progress report to corporate staff was a correct approach. If so, identify why, be detailed. If not, why and what would he should have done.

In my opinion, the approach Reichert followed in his progress report to corporate staff was not a correct approach. Reichert had the opportunity to explain his project issues to people who were in a position to correct the situation but he did not follow the right strategy. Reichert reported his project problems, the main cause of the problems which is the lack of support from the project office and line managers beside to the impacts that he is expecting to affect his project. However, he did not recommend any action and did not let the corporate staff know what they could do to help. Because Reichert is the project manager, he well understood the project and he is the best person to offer recommendation and propose solutions to the project problems. Reichert completely forgot about this point and he just focused on explaining the problems. In fact the corporate staff decided to provide a solution that they felt was adequate for the problems that was being reported. As result the corporate staff decision was not the right one but the best one they could take out of Reichert’s report. Reichert was surprised by the corporate staff conclusion. The results were neither what he expected nor what he wanted because now it added more problems. The corporate staff decided that he had to report to a new manager, and spent more time writing meeting report, preparing paperwork and projections for his project instead of working on his actual project management. Again it is Reichert fault when he did not recommend and suggest any adequate solutions from his point of view as project manager.

2) Do you agree with the steps that the customer took in interaction and overseeing the project? What...