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Booth may be considered a finance powerhouse, but the school appeals to me for different reasons. Booth’s flexibility, extracurricular activities and learning philosophy will allow me to reach my long-term goal of non-profit management.

First, the Emerging Markets Group and the Net Impact Club offer opportunities to take leadership roles while exploring my target industry. For instance, the group’s microfinance conference will expose me to market-based solutions to social problems and give me an opportunity to help organize an event. Additionally, the Net Impact Club’s Board Fellows Program will expand my non-profit network and teach me about governance and fundraising in a mission-driven organization. To reach my short-term goal, the Management Consulting Group and case competitions will help me develop my analytical skills and secure a job in the field.

Second, curriculum flexibility will be critical in preparing me for a foundation career. Exposure to business basics in finance, accounting, statistics and economics will give me broad private-sector knowledge. Additionally, the opportunity to take classes at the Harris School of Public Policy will link my business skills with the non-profit and government sectors. Foundations value this ability to bring together multiple groups to create impact. To improve my leadership and decision-making skills in a global context, the Strategic Management and International Business concentrations offer excellent training. Furthermore, the reflective nature of the LEAD program makes it a unique leadership development opportunity.

Finally, Booth’s students are highly curious and unafraid to explore different perspectives. These characteristics run through all aspects of the program and will force me to discover my own business approaches and beliefs. As a former reporter, I am skeptical, inquisitive, open to multiple perspectives and able to follow my convictions. Students at Booth approach classes and lectures in this way,...