Marketing Communication: Relaunch of Dasani Bottled Watter in the U.K

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Executive summary

Demand for bottled water has been growing rapidly since the 1980’s,increasing nearly 40% in the last decade according to the council of bottled water manufacturers. To take the advantage of the expanding market for bottled water and seeking this as an avenue to regain the lost reputation for Dasani, the Coca-Cola company has decided to re-launch Dasani in the UK market.

Although the concept of purity was literally broken down in association with Dasani bottled water, to regain the trust for purity in the customers mind Coca-Cola must ride on the “Purity Plank”. Purity is always adulterated with freshness, health, youth, taste and fitness. Since none of the other brands have considered purity as its dominant product attribute, this could be an excellent opportunity to win the customers mindshare for purity with the word “BLISS” in our tag line for Dasani.

Considering the re-launch of Dasani back into the UK market, we have conducted the SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis of the bottled water industry. Considering this analysis the main objective of our product re-launch is to reassure the customers about the quality and purity of Dasani’s bottled water.

The key benefits of our product is that we will use the advanced purification technique (ultra filtration followed by UV radiation), use of 100% Bio-Plastic water bottle, reducing the bottles carbon emission by 25%, changing the color associated with Dasani from blue to red and white resembling the parent company’s will have a positive effect on the customers psyche due to the strong brand knowledge and loyalty that customers have for Coca-Cola.

Secondly we have conducted a competitor analysis for Dasani as a brand of bottled water and based on this analysis we have made a marketing mix strategy for our product. We have divided the market based on the customers profile, psychographic and their behavioral aspects and finally targeted on the young sophisticates, married couples,...