Research Process Paper

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Research Process Paper

Angie Minich, Ashley Butcher, Bryan Finley, Craig Johnson, and Crystal Shipman


September 5, 2011

Dr. Arfe Ozcan

Research Process Paper

The research problem at hand for our specific data set is whether or not the wages given are fair or accurate for the amount of schooling and experience each individual has. We have decided that race should not play a factor in the wage given because it is all on the amount of experience, schooling, and knowledge the individual has and not the color the person is. Sex of the individual should also not have a lot of weight on the amount of a wage unless it is a job that has been proven to have mostly men or mostly woman in it.

Construction is a perfect example. Studies show that most of the employees in the construction field are in fact men. Also with this research, the organization that is represented can use this information to set a wage amount for each given category. For example, those that have this amount of experience will make Y in wages and those that have X amount in schooling will make Z. A grid can be set up for easier reference in the payroll department.

This research problem is so important because organizations want to make sure they are paying their employees fairly, meeting state minimum wage requirements, and offering a competitive earnings package to stay in line with the competition out there. If you fall below what your competitor is offering, chances are, you will be challenged in keeping your employees satisfied and creating fewer turnovers. If you go above what your competitors are offering for wages you must make sure you have the funds to do so without affecting your overall profitability.

The problem definition of the paper is which type of person makes the most wage earnings for each different industry and occupation. The type of person refers to the age, experience, education, and ethical categories of an individual. The...