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Amelia Ferrer

Business Law I

Federal Question

Do the federal courts have jurisdiction to hear this case?

Yes, because federal courts have jurisdiction to hear cases involving federal questions. Federal questions are cases arising under the U.S. Constitution, treaties, and federal statutes and regulations.


Can this suit be removed to federal court?

No, because corporations are state law subject matters. Only cases dealing with admiralty, antitrust, bankruptcy, copyright & trademarks, federal crimes, patents, suits against the U.S., and other specified federal statutes may be brought to federal court.

Business Ethics

1. No, most offers try to trick the customer. It is a form of advertising, to entice the customer.

2. Time did not act ethically. It is wrong but not illegal to send an offer to entice someone to purchase something.

3. Joshua’s father should not have sued for fifteen million dollars. That is an absurd amount of money to sue someone for just because they tried to entice you to subscribe to their magazine.

Long Arm Statute

Does Oklahoma have jurisdiction over Magna Verde Corporation?

Oklahoma does have jurisdiction over Magna Verde Corporation. Sean O’Grady signed a contract with Magna Verde Corporation to co-promote a fight that Sean was involved in. Magna Verde was responsible for Sean, his manager and other staff, and the location they had gotten to use for the fight because they most likely rented it out and therefore must have been liable for whatever took place at the location.

Minimum Contacts

Are the defendants subject to suit in California?

The defendants are indeed subject to suit in California.