Organization Behavior

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Discuss the role of communication in organizations. In particular discuss some of the significant barriers to effective communication and the solutions to these problems.

Business communication is critical, the bigger organization, the more complex these problems are, but basic communication principles apply to businesses of any size. According to Hancock and Zayko, (1998) ,”Communication in any organization is important, but particularly in a manufacturing environment where multiple shifts are employed. When communication does not occur, production and quality may suffer and resentment between workers may occur.”Besides that, in relate to Graham and LeBaron,( 1994), “Communication has been seen to assist organizations undergoing change by breaking down the resistance among workers and increasing their trust in the impending changes.” To understand clearly about how is communication important to business organization, this essay will discuss about the function of communication, identify some important barriers to effective communication and how do the organization can solve these issues?

Firstly, this essay will discuss about the role of communication in organization. Ideas by Robbins et al.,(2010), there are four main roles of communication within organization: control, motivation, information and emotional expression. The first function is control; communication carries out to control behavior’s members by many ways, the organization uses communication as a method to maintain control over employees and their work environment. For example, written company policies and procedures say how employees are allowed to act in the workplace, job descriptions outline the limitation of an employee's job functions or performance reviews control whether an employee receives a raise or attains a promotion. Communication nurtures motivation by identifying to employees what they have to do, how well they are doing...