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Web Browser

April Burnett

IT/220 Internet Concepts (AXIA)

August 14, 2011

Joseph Sambuco

Web Browser

The web browser that I currently use is Firefox; I only choose this browser from the review of being cutting edge and rapid releases. So far it seems to keep me up to date and add-ons and plug-ins seem to be right there when you need them. The three browsers I have chosen to review are Google Chrome, Opera, and Safari. Google Chrome has a much faster and more powerful JavaScript engine. It was built to run web applications with lightning speed and dramatically increase the browser’s performance. Another advantage to using Google Chrome is the fact that it has excellent security feature. The site has a site prediction and loading with an easy installation. This site has a built in flash player and PDF reader. Chrome blocks pop-ups by putting them at the bottom of the screen and lets you click the ones you want to launch. The downfalls would be it is available for windows only and there are installation problems.

With the Opera browser it requires less memory and loads faster on older computers. It is a less known browser that has stackable tabs and thumbnails that is a great feature. The one downfall from this site is that it does not have a Netflix “watch instantly” feature. This is a big downfall to all Netflix Subscribers. It has a good customizing feature with room for improvement but is on the right track.

The last web browser that I looked at was Safari which had some good features. The navigation speed was impressive enough that I noticed right away. It was nice and had a good look to it, but it lacked the private mode form and style. There are great steps here but improvements need to be made in its security and this browser would stand out more.

I am most impressed with my current browser and I would not be willing to change to any of the others I have seen. Some have features that could be great but they would have to improve their...