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Exclusive Summary

This is the fully covered international marketing plan for a New Zealand based company Health King that provides health products. In the analysis, it has been discovered that New Zealand is the best and the only place to manufacturing the products. Although the company is limited in several aspects, there are more advantages compare to disadvantages. At the same time, it is also to maintain the reputation and the competitive advantage of this product. To expand its product into global market, USA is the best choice at the beginning stage. USA can provide the most developed infrastructures and market activities to this organization. Moreover, cooperation and future development can be applied accordingly. However, from the size, taste, packing and price, there are not many spaces for this company to make the changes. The sustainable development has to rely on the technology innovations. At the beginning stage of this international marketing plan, costs and risks are more comply with importers. But the Health King has to figure out the right position to ensure its own profits and the profits of importers. Further more, E-business and CSR always are the most identical business strategies for any organizations to adopt. Same as Healthy King, both individual and collective customers have to be satisfied in most aspects. In a word, the marketing activities have to apply with the resources that are holding by the organization. By the limited size of the company, few choices are given to them. At the same time, by the limited information of the organization published, there are difficulties for customers to approach this company and also its project. Changing is the only and the most important way to seek for development, and innovation is the same importance to approach the strategy.

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