Beh 225 - Problem Solving

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How did you interpret the problem?

I would have to say that I used visual interpretation. I was able to see that if I left the cat and mouse unattended that the mouse would get eaten by the cat. And if I left the dog and cat alone, the dog would eat the cat. The visuals make it easier to understand that I had to take the cat over first, and then get the dog or mouse to the other side; and then the cat will have to ride back once that one is dropped off. The cat will then get taken back to the original side while the other one of the dog or mouse is taken over, then I would come back for the cat again; this way none of them were left alone that would have a confrontation.

2. What strategy did you use and how did you evaluate your progress?

I would have to say that I focused on the trial and error strategy. I knew that I had to get them all across without leaving the cat and dog alone or the cat and mouse. So with trial and error, I was able to find out that the cat seemed to be the trouble maker and would need to go first and actually have a couple different rides. I was able to evaluate and monitor my progress easily because of the visuals in the exercise. As long as I wasn’t witnessing anyone eating another, then my progress was great.

3. Did you encounter any obstacles while solving the problem?

I honestly did not think that I encountered any obstacles while I was solving this problem. I did use a lot of brainstorming to plan out how to get all three of the animals across the river safely before I actually started moving anybody. I done this to ensure that they all arrived safely; and that way I would not have to redo it again. Therefore, I did use a little bit of extra time laying out the plan; but that plan was perfect and allowed me to get all three animals across the river safely; and without anyone getting hurt.

4. Were you aware of this thought process as you worked through the problem?

I have always known that there was a specific thought...