How to Get Employees to Buy Into Your Mission

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Management 373

How to get Employees to Buy into Your Mission

Getting employees to buy into your mission can be quite a task. The moral of the employees, the industry you’re in, your ability to communicate, and many other factors will play a very big part in how the mission will develop over the three to five years following the announcement of the new mission.

Over time, getting employees to buy into a mission will be accomplished by keeping that mission in front of them as much as possible. The use of internal marketing, as mentioned in the article, is the key to instilling this mission into your employees. When they come into work, they need to see the mission. Throughout the work day they need to see the mission. When they are leaving at the end of the work day, they need to see something that reminds them of the mission. You can’t just constantly remind them of the mission. They must also believe in the mission. No matter how often you attempt to drive the mission into their minds, if they don’t believe in it, they won’t buy into it. The article “How to Get Employees to Buy into Your Mission” discusses a seven step process to increase your chances of getting employees to buy into your mission. These steps are:

• Understand the status quo.

• Determine the appropriate form of communication.

• Design the message.

• Select the communication channel.

• Establish the budget.

• Decide on the promotion mix.

• Measure the promotion’s results.

How the employees are buying into the mission three to five years down the road will depend on how the mission is initially presented. When I first left college back in 1999 and entered into the sales arena, I worked for a company that had just restructured the way they were operating. They added new departments, more than doubled the outside sales force, and completely re-wrote the sales approach they were using. Along with this new structure, they also had a new mission. In...