Database Design Paper

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Database Design Paper

A database is a logical and coherent collection of data, representing aspects of real world attributes and is designed, built and populated with data for specific purposes (Admin, 2008). A DBMS or database management system, is a collection of programs that allows the users to create and maintain a database by assisting the user with the processes of defining, constructing and manipulating the database for a multitude of applications (Admin, 2008). Placing the database and DBMS software together makes it a Database system (Admin, 2008).

Wingenious (2005), mentions that "database architecture describes the organization of all database objects and how they work together". In addition, indicating that anything that defines the nature of data, the structure and how the data flows will be involved in the database architecture (Wingenious, 2005). Database architecture can be defined by application logic. With three components that distinguish application logic; presentation, processing and storage logics. Presentation formats and presents data on the user's screen. Processing handles data, business rules, and data management logics. Lastly, the storage logic is responsible for storage and retrieval from the devices of the machine (Morgan, B. 2007).

Three architectures of databases are used today. A one tier architecture is a program that runs off of a local machine such as a personal computer. When the program accesses information on that single machine using a single action to process the data (Morgan, B. 2007). Another architecture, the two tier, being the most used by today's computer operators is more commonly part of the MS Windows based client program that will operate server databases such as Oracle or MySQL. Using GUI to communicate across a network using query languages (Morgan, B. 2007). Lastly, N-tier Client/Server architecture or three tier expands to use a middle tier or business tier which will utilize and manage business logic....