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Subject : Dating

Dating is defined as the initial step in a love relationship. With the advents of globalization and speeded up relationships, dating can be a bad thing because it is a competition, a means to an end love and a growing business.

Dating is a competition among many candidates. The first step in dating is attraction. It can be a physical, intellectual, or sexual attraction; the meeting of the other requires a sense of bravery. It is an attraction you can have for many people, many candidates. The issue is that today people have many dates at the same time and choose the person after; there is a big competition, and some people cannot bear it.

Dating is a way to take interest. A date could be taken in order to take an interest. Some people want to start a relationship and not to go on when they have had what they want. For example some foreigners have a date, marry the person, and after having got a visa or earning enough money, they divorce. Nowadays, dating has been quite influenced by consumerism. You go on a date, you like the person, after a while you get bored, so you go on a date with someone new…. No wonder the rate of divorce is so high.

Dating is a business. Internet dating sites and speed dating events are growing and have become a very successful business; people do not take the time to find a suitable partner. In recent years ‘internet dating’ has become very popular mainly due to its ease and convenience. For example, some social networks like “Meetic” or “be2” made internet dating a real business. Thus, people do not take their time in order to meet other people face to face.

In a world where single people often have little time to socialise and find it hard to meet people with similar interests and tastes, dating has become a bad way to meet people. Indeed, some people want to take an interest in love, social networks and speed dating have become an effective business; and some people have dates with many people...