Course Concepts of Business Information Systems (Bis)

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Course Concepts of Business Information Systems (BIS)

This course included an outline of nine concepts I have learned in Business Information Systems. The nine concepts are: Overview of Information Systems; Data Gathering, Storage, and Uses; E-Business and E-commerce; How Business Use Information; How Managers Use Information; Project Development Methodologies; Ethical and Legal Issues; Trends; and Technology Solutions. In addition to the nine concepts of BIS, many instructional concepts were taught in this course for presenting effective and professional papers; such as the announcements links in the main forum and instructional feedback. The combination of BIS and instructional concepts will greatly assist me down the line in my studies and my career. I believe IS, EB and EC, and Ethical and Legal Issue concepts are of great importance to me because of my goal to establish a Seniors' Bed "N" Breakfast business. My instructional learning throughout this course is effectively beneficial for future business communications.

Three Important Business Concepts

Although all nine are very important concepts that are essential to business structures; several major concepts that I have learned and consider to be most important to me include: Business Information Systems, E-Business and E-Commerce, and Ethical and Legal Issues. These concepts include a broad foundation for both technical and non-technical business professionals. Major objective of the concepts for BIS is to learn how these information technologies can assist me, my organization, and my world in the future. Each concept contributes to students majoring in accounting, finance, marketing, production and operations management, human resources management, and management information systems. I think utilizing a full understanding of these concepts will further ensure my success as an informed student, and greatly enhance my goal of owning a Seniors' Bed "N" Breakfast establishment.

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