Purchase Process of Digital Camera

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AY 2005/2006SEMESTER 1

Purchase process of digital camera


Zac's Profile

Zac, a first class honors NUS graduate is working as a marketing executive in a MNC for about 1 year. Recently, his old analog camera is giving him a lot of problems when he uses it, so he decides to get himself a digital camera after weighting all the problems he faces. As a young working adult, he has the income and spending power to purchase gadgets for himself that can portray his social image as a young and trendy marketing executive.

Since Zac is neither a professional photographer nor requires a very professional digital camera with very high performance, he is satisfied with a stylish digital camera that can match his image and as well as meet some of the specifications that he looks out for in a digital camera. Since a digital camera is considered as a pretty expensive product as compared to daily products like shampoo, instant noodles and etc, he will require more times and efforts before he decides on his choice of his first digital camera.

Problem Solving Process

Stage 1: Problem Recognition – Perceiving a Need

Currently, Zac owns an analog camera and he finds that using an analog camera poses many problems to him. For example, he needs to buy rolls of film in order to take any photographs and the number of shots he can take is restricted. Moreover, he cannot selectively develop photographs he has taken and he has to redevelop those photographs again if his friends want the photographs too. Ideally, he will like to solve all these problems that he is facing now and hopes that he can have a digital camera that is easy to use, portable and stylish. And in today’s fast-pace and hectic lifestyle, he finds that a digital camera will definitely be a better option for him and at the same time, owning and using a digital camera is the prevalent trend for many of us. Thus, due to the differences between his ideal and actual situations...